Medical Schools in Cuba

Study medicine in Cuba, Cuban Doctors, Operation Miracle and the Latin American School of Medicine

Study Medicine in Cuba

Here is more information about the Latin American Medical School in Cuba and medical students who graduate from ELAM. Over fifty thousand students from 121 countries are studying medicine in Cuban universities and institutes or with Cuban professionals in other countries.

Nearly 1000 Pakistani students are pursuing medical studies in Cuba and are being funded by the Government of Cuba and they are doing well.

Four Nigerian students have been awarded scholarships to study medicine in Cuba.

Seven Zambian students are going to medical school in Cuba and more than 200 doctors from Guatemala have graduated from Cuban medical schools.

MEDICC provides an application for Latin American Medical School in Cuba or you can just visit on a medicine and healthcare related trip to Cuba with MEDICC.

In February 2013, 187 of the 1,200 South African students studying medicine in Cuba went on strike demanding that their monthly stipend of $200 be increased more than 300%. The students also demanded that a health attaché be sent to Cuba, and that they no longer be served any meals that contain pork.

If you have applied to medical school in Cuba or attended a Cuban medical school, we about your experience so we can share it with other people here.

If you have studied medicine in Cuba and have left the country, it is very difficult to get your medical school records from Cuba. In some situations, our sister site can attempt to retrieve Cuban medical schools records for you.

In July 2011, forty US citizens have been granted their medical degrees from the Latin American School of Medicine (ELAM). New graduates were joined by members of the Pastors for Peace Caravan. Ellen Bernstein, coordinator of the Caravan, thanked Cuba's gesture in offering scholarships to U.S. citizens at the ceremony at the main lecture hall of the Victoria de Girón School of Medical Sciences.

The Latin American School of Medicine has the mission of training general medical practitioners specialized in providing primary health care training. The school has graduated 8,600 medical students from 54 countries, especially from the poorest sectors in their societies, who represent a wide range of ethnicity and educational and cultural backgrounds.

Operation Miracle

Cuban doctors have traveled the world with Operation Miracle offering eye surgery to people who could not afford necessary and elective eye surgery.

Nearly one million patients from 31 countries have had their vision restored thanks to the labor of Cuban doctors as part of the Operation Miracle program. The program is practiced at 37 surgical centers in Cuba and began in July 2004.

Cuban Doctors

He stated that more than 46,000 Cubans, 36,000 of them doctors and paramedics, are currently working on cooperation programs in 97 nations, often in remote areas and under difficult conditions.

Some Cuban doctors find their way into the United States but then find they cannot practice medicine here. They cannot treat patients because Cuba generally refuses to release or certify Cuban medical school records and without transcripts, it's nearly impossible for the doctors to take the required medical board exams.

Our sister site offers a proprietary Cuban document retrieval service but we have been told that the Cuban government no longer releases Cuban medical school records.

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